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Title Insurance Protection

Real Estate transactions can at times be complicated and for many of us the purchase of a home is the single largest investment we will make in our lifetime. That is why Title Insurance is an essential part of the home buying process. A Title Insurance Policy protects against hidden title hazards that may threaten the financial investment in your home. A Title Insurance Policy is issued after a comprehensive search of the title to the property, which is a detailed examination of the historical public records. The Policy states that you will be defended against financial loss arising out of a defect in title. This protection is in place whether the defect arises months after the property is purchased or even years later.


Settlement Services

MidLantic Title provides services to expedite the closing of Real Estate Transactions (Settlements). Midlantic Title operates as the transaction intermediary, bringing together all aspects and participants in a real estate transaction to the “settlement or closing table”. The participants often include Buyers and Sellers, Real Estate Agents, Bankers or Mortgage Lenders and Attorneys. We provide these services for a variety of transaction types including, Residential Purchases and Refinances as well as Commercial, Construction and Development matters. These closing services include but are not limited to the following:


Search Products

In addition to Title Insurance Policies and Settlement Services, MidLantic Title offers a variety of search reports and products.​​

  • Preparing HUD-1 Settlement Statements

  • Collection and the proper disbursement of funds to all parties to the transaction

  • Procuring complete and accurate payoff statements

  • Preparation of the proper Affidavit of Title

  • Recording of the official documents

  • Production and Distribution of Title Insurance Policies

  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Searches

  • Certificates of Regularity

  • Chancery Abstracts

  • Copies of Corporate Documents

  • Corporate Status Reports

  • Federal Tax Liens

  • Flood Searches

  • Franchise Tax Reports

  • Good Standing Certificates

  • Judgment Searches

  • Mortgage Searches

  • Patriot Name Searches

  • Record Owner Searches

  • Statewide Upper and Superior Court Searches

  • Tax and Assessments Searches

  • Tideland Searches

  • UCC Searches

  • Wetland Searches

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