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Welcome to KAASA MidLantic, LLC, DBA MidLantic Title in New Jersey, and MidLantic Abstract in Pennsylvania with the enthusiastic purpose of becoming the dominant provider of Title and Abstract services in every market we serve through efficiency and unparalleled service.

 Why MidLantic 

We are with you every step of the way when it comes to Title Insurance. Our dedicated team is always nearby to assist and save you the headache of dealing with your property's title all on your own. 

We handle your Title with care and triple-check all of the finer details to ensure your protection.

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Prior to Closing

· Conduct Title Search
· Coordinate all aspects of title services with appropriate parties
· Prepare all necessary documents
· Schedule settlement


During Closing

· Account for all funds
· Review closing documents
· Disburse all mortgage loan or sale proceeds


After Closing

· Satisfy all lender requirements
· Record Transfer Documents
· Issue Title Insurance Policy

Modern Neighborhood

 Customer Testimonials 

You have been wonderful to work with! Can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance through this process.

Liz L - Homeowner

 Get In Touch 

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